•Board up aluminum-framed windows without drilling or screws
•PLYLOX™ works with aluminum-framed window casings that are at least 1-1/2 inches deep
•Protect your property from hurricane-force wind and rain with PLYLOX™ Clips!

Experts say:”Board up your windows”
Once your windows break, the storm is inside your business!


PLYLOX™ should be used with 3/4″ plywood. Use CDX grade, or better, plywood that is in good condition. Do not use plywood that has delaminated, is easy to bend, or is badly warped.

Step 1
Measure the length and width of each window. Subtract 1/2″ from the width measurement and 1/4″ from the height measurement. Record the measurements in this measurement chart.

Step 2
Cut the plywood covers for each window. Some hardware stores will cut the plywood for you. Use good quality (CDX or better) 3/4″ plywood. Plywood comes in 4′ x 8′ sheets. Windows bigger than 48″ x 48″ will require 2 or more sections of plywood. Each section can be hung independently (more clips) or they can be spliced together (more work).


Step 3
Slide the PLYLOX™ clips on to opposing edges of the plywood cover.


The average window requires 4 clips. Space the clips no more than 36″ apart. The thickness of plywood varies with humidity. This will cause the clip to fit differently from time to time. If the fit is loose, tap on the clip with a hammer to close the opening. If the fit is tight, then force the clip on by tapping the clip on with a hammer.


Step 4
Using an Allen Wrench, extend the set screws on all the clips on one side of the plywood cover 1/4″. On the opposite side of the plywood cover make sure the set screws are flush on the clips. Insert the plywood cover into the aluminum window casing until the clip touches the frame.


Using a 5/32 Allen wrench, firmly tighten the flush set screws. Then tighten the set screws on the opposite side at least 1/2 turn.

Removing PLYLOX™ is easy!
You can remove PLYLOX™ clips quickly and easily. Use the Allen wrench and loosen the set screws. This releases the PLYLOX™ clip and the plywood is easily removed. The PLYLOX™ clips can then be stored and reused the next time you are threatened.

PLYLOX™ is not responsible for any collateral damage sustained by the home or business due to either misuse of the product or any unforeseen or extraordinary natural occurrence or other act of God.