Inexpensive – PLYLOX™ window clips come in a variety of economical package sizes and quantities.

Easy to use – PLYLOX™ window clips securely attach to 1/2″ plywood which the fits into exterior window casings.
No special tools, caulking, adhesives or glue required. Install and remove with one person.

Non Destructive – PLYLOX™ window clips create rigid, safe, temporary attachment of plywood to brick, wood, or stucco window casings. No nails, screws, bolts or brackets will permanently damage your property.

Effective – PLYLOX™ window clips hold plywood sheets in window casings as well or better than any hardware available today.

Re-usable – PLYLOX™ window clips are rugged and will last year after year. If you move, take them with you.

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