Hurricane Window Clips To Protect Your Property From Hurricane-Force Winds and Rain.

Board-Up your windows without drilling, screws, or nails.

Fast, Efficient, and Easy To Install

Our hurricane hardware is a time-saver when you need to protect your windows from high winds and airborne debris quickly. Installs in seconds.

and Safe To Use

Board-up your windows and storm shutters without nails, screws, bolts or brackets that will permanently damage your property.

Effective and Reliable Protection

Independent lab tested & real world proven to protect windows & doors from wind borne debris in windstorms and hurricanes. 

PLYLOX™ hurricane window clips are patented h-shaped carbon steel or stainless steel clips engineered to fit plywood without nails, screws or adhesives.

PLYLOX™ works on any shape window with a brick, wood, or stucco casing at least 2 1/2 - 3 inches deep.


There is no longer any need to drill holes or permanently damage your property in order to protect your windows from storm damage.


PLYLOX™ window clips are fantastic when you need them and easy to remove when you don't. Use them year after year. If you move, take them with you.


No longer any need to hire a contractor to install expensive shutters. PLYLOX™ window clips are easy to install and come in various sizes to fit the most popular plywood widths (1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4").


Protect your property from storm damage with a hurricane window clip used on windows and storm shutters for over 20 years.

Protect Your Property In 4 Easy Steps

Protect Your Property In
4 Easy Steps


Measure the height and width of a window. Subtract 1/4" from each measurement leaving 1/8" clearance.


Cut your plywood 1/4" smaller than the window opening which allows 1/8" clearance all around.


Slide PLYLOX™ window clips on to opposing vertical edges of the plywood cover and make sure it fits tightly. 


With the teeth towards you, against the brick, push the plywood sheet into the window casing. 

Customer Reviews

Amy J.

NO DAMAGE to our windows.

We just used these for hurricane Matthew and they made boarding up (and unboarding) so incredibly easy! No damage to our windows that are only a couple of years old and no damage to our brick house. Awesome that you don't have to drill through anything. I would recommend adding these to your hurricane kit if you don't already have them. We used 4 clips per window.

Kellie K.

A MUST HAVE item in hurricane prone areas.

These clips are a lifesaver for hurricane preparedness. They slide easily over the edge of the plywood and make it simple to cover windows without drilling holes. We have boards cut to fit our windows stacked in our garage and when storm season rolls around we simply slide the clips onto the edge of the wood and push the boards into the window and door frames. The "teeth" on the edge grab the frame and hold the wood in place.

Anna D.

Super easy installation.

These things made it relatively easy for 2 girls to create a hurricane "safe room" in a concrete block house that has no such thing as an interior room. The only difficulty was finding, transporting, and cutting the plywood. Installation was easy. I bought some to use at my wood frame house also but discovered that they won't work with my windows. Not their fault, I have no sills. I was thankful for a sturdier dwelling to borrow and the peace of mind these gave me that allowed me to sleep through at least some of the storm. There was one very solid bang of a tree branch hitting that may have broken the window without the plywood. Without these I am not sure how we would have been able to get the plywood to stay in. Removal was not as easy but we managed and they did not cause any damage. I wouldn't want it to be too easy to remove I guess or it wouldn't be safe.

Donald H.

Excellent Product - WORKS GREAT!!

I have bought and used this product in the past. Two Hurricanes so far in Houston, TX. No window problems.

If you live anywhere near a coastal region and had tropical storms/Hurricanes, you need this product. It is the only way to install plywood that fits snugly into a window opening without using screws or nails. Once you cut the plywood to size, install the clips on the edges of the plywood and push the plywood into the opening. It locks in place. Removing is also easy. Just pry one clip away from the window with a pry bar or large screw driver and the rest just pop off when you pull on the plywood. I keep the plywood in the garage up against the wall with the window location noted with a permanent marking pen, so I can use them over and over again.

James K.

A Must Have in Hurricane Season - Worth Every Penny.

Our 1st time to board up for a hurricane. Our boards were precut, so all we needed were the clips. They were sold out locally. Got them next day with Amazon Prime. The clips worked perfectly. We had our windows covered and secure in just minutes. These are the greatest invention! Have been able to return home yet due to the flooding Harvey has caused. We are hoping for minimal damage.

carbon steel hurricane window clip top view

Don't be fooled by Imitations!

PLYLOX™ Hurricane Window Clips are the only independent lab tested and hurricane proven tension clip on the market. Our hurricane hardware has always, and will always be proudly made in the USA with American made steel. Experts say that the most vulnerable part of your home during a windstorm is your windows, and the best way to protect your family and your home is to cover your windows. PLYLOX™ hurricane window clips make it quick and easy to board up your home with plywood and affix storm shutters so that you can focus on other important issues.

When a storm is approaching, you often have to act fast. While we all hope to be prepared for natural disasters as best as possible, there will inevitably be situations where you do not always have the ideal precautions in place or the time to arrange them. This is where our product comes in! One of the main benefits of our hurricane hardware is the simplicity and efficiency with which it allows you to set up dependable storm shutters to secure your property.

With residential window clips and commercial window clips available for your particular storm shutter needs, we have quality hurricane hardware to help protect your property. Don't wait for the hurricane season to arrive - give us a call today to discuss your hurricane window protection needs!

Get Your Hurricane Window Clips Shipped Today!

Three Types of Clips To Choose From


Carbon Steel
Residential Clips

$39.95 Per Pack

  • Residential Clips 20 Pack. PLYLOX™ window clips securely attach to 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" plywood which then fits into exterior window casings.

Stainless Steel
Residential Clips

$46.95 Per Pack

  • Residential Clips 20 Pack. PLYLOX™ window clips securely attach to 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" plywood which then fits into exterior window casings.

Commercial Clips

$3.95 Per Unit

  • Commercial window clips are designed to work on store front window frames that are 1 ½” deep, using a set screw.

Not boarding up your windows could result in severe damage to your property!

- Instead -

Protect your property quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

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