Plylox and Plywood The Recipe For Protection

Our Story

A storm was in the Gulf of Mexico and it was time to prepare. One man measured his windows and got $300 from the bank to protect his windows. Arriving at the hardware store, he went to the lumber section to price the 1/2″ plywood. Calculating the cost left him with $60 for hardware with which to secure the plywood. He approached one of the salesmen in the lumber section and asked for recommendations on securing the plywood. The salesman took him to the nuts and bolts section, pointed him at the confusing array of choices and wished him good luck. Frustrated at the lack of a clean solution, the man went to another store.

At this second store, he went straight to the hardware section (he already had a price for plywood). Once there, he asked a salesman for suggestions on securing plywood to his home to protect the windows. Once again, there was no clean solution.

A third store produced no different result.

Two things happened as a result of this frustrating experience. One was that his windows were not protected (luckily, the storm did not come ashore). The second was the invention of PLYLOX™.

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