Frequently Asked Questions

Does PLYLOX™ work with polycarbonate panels?

Yes, most polycarbonate panels are 5/8”. You will need to purchase the 5/8” PLYLOX™.

How many PLYLOX™ do I need?

A average 4ft x 4ft window will need 2 clips on each vertical side spaced no more the 24” apart. For every additional 2 feet in height you will need to place another clip.

Do PLYLOX ™ work on a inset less than 2 ½”?

No, PLYLOX™ clip need at least a 2 ½” inset for them to grip properly.

Do PLYLOX™ work with my vinyl or Hardi siding?

No, most siding products do not leave a proper inset for the clips to work.

Will PLYLOX™ rust?

Yes and No. Our carbon steel clips will produce rust when left exposed in wet conditions for an extended period of time while our stainless steel clips will not.

Does PLYLOX ™ work on sliding glass doors or large windows?

Yes, however you will need to splice plywood together horizontally, and use 2x4 stiffeners horizontally across the span to reduce flex in your panels. Refer to the drawing here(hyperlink to drawing coming soon) for more details.

How do I splice plywood for large windows?

Use at least a 12” wide piece of plywood to place over the seam of your two pieces of plywood you are joining together. Use a combination of wood glue and screws to join the assembly together making sure the screws are started from the backside of your panel. Refer to the drawing for screw pattern.

What do you mean by a 2”x4” stiffener on end?

This just means that the skinny side (1-1/2”) goes up against the plywood.

Is there a maximum width that the plywood can span?

No more than 8 feet, 2x4 stiffeners are recommended for spans any more than 4 feet wide.

Will PLYLOX™ scratch my brick, wood or stucco?

There is a possibility that the clips will leave traces of scratching on any material.

Where can I find them Locally?

You can find them at some major hardware stores. To find one near you please click here.

Have PLYLOX™ been tested?

Yes, independent lab testing has been done on both our residential and commercial product. Test result can be provided if requested.

How can I contact you?

We can be reached at 1-800-583-4289 or via email at

What are your hours?

Normal business hours are M-F 9a-5p. Unless a storm is approaching any of the coastal areas we try our best to be available to our customers from sunrise to sunset to be able to assist with question and process orders.

Will the commercial clip work on my vinyl siding?

No, commercial only work on aluminum store front windows.

How do I become a retailer?

Please call the office direct at 1-800-583-4289.

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