PLYLOX™ Clip Installation & Removal

Protecting Your Property In 4 Easy Steps

At Plylox, we are proud to provide your property the ability to protect and secure it's windows. In 4 easy steps, you are able to install our plywood hurricane clips onto your windows. This system was designed to set up durable and resistant storm shutters during all sorts of extreme weather cases. To learn more about how our hurricane hardware can protect your property or if you need assistance with the installation, please feel free to watch our video below. If you're interested in our hurricane window clips for your residential or commercial property, we welcome you to give us a call or place an order online today!

Protecting Your Property
In 4 Easy Steps


Measure the height and width of a window. Subtract 1/4" from each measurement leaving 1/8" clearance.


Cut your plywood 1/4" smaller than the window opening which allows 1/8" clearance all around.


Slide PLYLOX™ window clips on to opposing vertical edges of the plywood cover and make sure it fits tightly. 


With the teeth towards you, against the brick, push the plywood sheet into the window casing. 

Step One

Measure Your Windows

    • Measure each window casing.
    • Work left-to-right, floor-by-floor.
  • The recorded height should be the measured height from top to bottom of the casing minus 1/4″. The recorded width should be the measured width from side to side of the casing minus 1/4″. This will give 1/8″ clearance all the way around.

Step Two

Cut The Plywood

  • Cut your plywood to the recorded size of each window. This will form the base of your storm shutters.
  • Mark each cut piece with its label, such as FF1, the window at the left front of the house on the first floor.
  • If you keep the chart and label the plywood covers, you won’t need to label the casings.

For Tapered windows please see FAQ’s

Step Three

Slide Clips Onto Plywood

  • Place the PLYLOX™ clips on each plywood cover (if the window is 24″x24″ or smaller, only two PLYLOX™ clips are needed).
  • Each clip should be placed on the edge of the plywood cover no more than 24 inches apart.
  • Make sure the tension legs are facing toward you and your able to see the Plylox ™ name.

Step Four

Push Plywood Into Window

  • Push the plywood covers with the PLYLOX™ tension legs to the outside firmly into the casing.
  • PLYLOX™ clips lock the sheet securely in place and - voila - your hurricane hardware is all set for a storm.

For large window installation please see FAQ’s 

Removing PLYLOX™ Clips Is Easy Too!

PLYLOX™ window clips are fantastic when you need them and easy to remove when you don't. Use them year after year. If you move, take them with you.

Remove, Store, Re-Use

You can remove PLYLOX™ clips quickly and easily. Just grasp the tension leg of the PLYLOX™ clip with your thumb and index finger and pull forward. This releases the PLYLOX™ and the plywood is easily removed. The PLYLOX™ clips can then be stored and reused the next time you need simple and reliable hurricane hardware to protect your property. 

If clips are hard to remove with fingers, a screwdriver may be used to release tension on each clip.

Remove clips from the plywood storm shutters and store the plywood flat, ready for reuse.

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