Hurricane Preparation and Protection Tips for your home

As soon as you hear a hurricane is coming, it is important to prepare as much as you can to minimize the damages that will be done to your home. Whether it is your home, your business, or both that you are trying to protect, our team has what you need. Here are a few tips to help protect your home and business from storms:

Stock up on supplies – It is important to make sure you have plenty of nonperishable food and bottled water just in case you can’t go anywhere for a few days. 

Unplug electronics – Unplugging electronics will help prevent electrical damage in your home. 

Look for leaks – You want to avoid water entering your home as much as possible by checking for any small openings around your house. 

Prepare for long-term blackouts – You should invest in a generator, even if it is just a small one. After you lose power, it can be a while before you get it back and it will be a game changer if you can plug in a few essentials.

Keep trees trimmed – This will help reduce the number of branches that could possibly fly off and cause damages to your home. 

Install hurricane clips – At Plylox, we sell metal hurricane clips and plywood hurricane clips that are easy to install. Our hurricane window clips will help secure the roof and walls of your home, so that they can withstand the high winds that come with hurricanes or other storms. We offer residential window clips and commercial window clips, so call today if you want to secure your home or business before a storm comes.

Install storm shutters – Storm shutters will keep the pressure that the storm brings from shattering the windows on your home. You also want to make sure all your windows and doors are shut and locked. 

At Plylox, we have storm shutters, storm window clips, hurricane window protection, and more. Contact our company for more information about the hurricane hardware we sell. 

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