Hurricane Clips

Metal Hurricane Clips

Hurricanes are a real threat to much of America. They occur frequently in places like Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. Living in these areas means that the threat of strong winds is a real danger. Hurricanes have been known to tear roofs off houses. This then exposes the occupants inside and structural components to other threats such as rain, hail, and falling debris. Metal hurricane clips are simple pieces of hardware that can help protect your roof from being torn off by the strong winds of a hurricane. They attach your roof to the wall structures of your property. This helps prevent the upward pressure, caused by the wind hitting the side of your roof and pressing upward toward your roof overhang, from tearing off your roof.

Types of Metal Hurricane Clips

Timber Connectors: This type of clip connects beams, wall plates, studs, rafters, and purlins to the property structure.

Rafter Connectors: This type connects rafters to ridge boards.

Truss Anchors: These clips can be used at the end of metal or wood trusses to attach them to the top of the structure on which they are bearing.

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At Plylox, we provide durable metal hurricane clips that help protect your roof from hurricane damage. Our hurricane clips work by attaching your roofing structure to the walls of your property. This allows it to better withstand the upward pressure from hurricane winds hitting the side of your house and going up towards your roof overhang. In addition to protecting your roof, our storm window clips can affix storm shutters and plywood sheets to your windows to best protect your personal belongings inside. Contact us today to learn more about how our hurricane hardware can protect your property or place an order online today!

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