How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

It’s hurricane season! Are you prepared?

The NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) forecasts five to nine hurricanes throughout the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season, with 1 to 4 major storms.

Something as simple as hurricane clips can help ensure your home and family are safe this hurricane season. We’ve prepared an article with a few reminders to help you stay protected and prevent significant damage to your property.

Read on to find out what they are.

Protect Windows and Doors

In high winds, doors and windows become very vulnerable. Flying projectiles and debris can do a lot of damage to your property.

Some home builders offer high-impact windows or hurricane shutters, but not every home has built-in protection from hurricanes. If your home doesn’t have these, you can still protect your property quickly and affordably with plywood or removable storm shutters. Plywood doesn’t cost much, and it can be just as effective as traditional storm shutters when it comes to hurricane protection.

To lock in protection and be sure your family and property are protected, you can use plywood plus Plylox™ hurricane clips. They create a removable and reusable storm shutter system that you can put up when a severe storm arrives and store them out of the way until the next storm rolls in.

Plylox works without screws, nails, or drilling holes into your house. They’re one of the most cost-effective and non-destructive forms of hurricane protection available. Learn more about our hurricane window clips at

Secure Your Roof

Roofs are another very vulnerable part of your home. They might seem sturdy, but roofs are often one of the first things to fail in extreme conditions. During hurricanes, 90% of homes that are affected sustain roof damage.

Retrofitting your roof for wind and water resistance can help significantly. You should have it inspected by a professional, as they’ll be able to spot any structural problems or worn-out materials.

Roofs often have asphalt shingles on the outer layer. If these come loose, your roof will be far more susceptible to water damage. They can also become dangerous projectiles that can cause further damage. Ensuring any roof problems are dealt with before hurricane season will help keep your home safer.

Review Your Home Insurance Policy

While a secure roof and storm window clips will help protect your home, there’s always a risk of damage. Standard home insurance policies don’t cover things like floods and strong winds. You’ll likely need to take out various policies to ensure you’re covered for all possible damage during a hurricane.

Flood insurance, for example, is covered by a single policy. You can only get this from the National Flood Insurance Program. Multiple insurance policies may not seem convenient, but it’s far better than having your home suffer damage you’re not covered for.

Staying Safe During Hurricane Season

Throughout hurricane season, being prepared is crucial. Ensure you have everything ready to keep your family and home safe.

Plylox™ is a leading supplier of plywood clips that you can use to protect your home during a hurricane. Take a look at our residential hurricane clips page to find out more about what we have available today.

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