Types of Home Upgrades to Consider for Maximum Hurricane Protection

Types of Home Upgrades to Consider for Maximum Hurricane Protection

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting a “near-normal” hurricane season in 2023. It’s likely to include anywhere from 12 to 17 named hurricanes with up to four of them being major hurricanes that could do serious damage.

If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, there are some home features to consider if you want to hurricane-proof your home. If you don’t have a hurricane protection plan for your home in place already, and you’re online researching the options available, here are a few to consider:

Hurricane Windows

The installation of hurricane-proof windows, alternatively referred to as hurricane-impact windows, is a viable option. Hurricane windows are designed to provide greater protection and endure severe weather conditions than ordinary glass-windows. They’ll be able to deal with the high winds that come along with hurricanes. They’ll also be able to handle any flying debris that might come in their direction. However, Hurricane-proof windows will be expensive! Hurricane Windows cost more than $5,000 on average to install hurricane-proof windows throughout a home. And if you have a large home with lots of windows, it could cost two or even three times more than the average. 

Hurricane Shutters

The installation of hurricane shutters can be considered as a viable alternative to hurricane-proof windows, especially when the objective is to protect the existing windows in your home against the destructive impact of hurricanes. That being said, hurricane shutters can also be on the more expensive side. If you’re trying to provide your home with hurricane protection without breaking the bank, they may not be your best option for this reason.

Hurricane Clips

If your property lacks hurricane shutters or impact windows, it is recommended to secure the windows of your home with plywood. Plywood is cost-effective and can be sourced with ease. In addition, it has 30% enhanced impact strength when compared to oriented strand board, making it a reliable option for shielding your home against intense winds. Plywood + Hurricane clips is a recipe for affordable hurricane protection. More specifically Plylox™ Hurricane Clips make it possible for you to board up the windows in your home quickly and easily without the use of nails, screws, or adhesives. They’re patented H-shaped carbon steel or stainless steel storm window clips engineered to fit plywood and hold it in place during even the most extreme storm conditions.

Order Our Clips to Provide Your Home With Hurricane Protection

If you own a home that’s within 100 miles of the coastline between Brownsville, TX and Norfolk, VA, fortifying it with hurricane protection should be a major concern. Investing in Plylox™ Hurricane Clips can help you create a hurricane-proof home in no time at next to no expense.

Plylox™ can provide you with the hurricane hardware you’ll need to make your home safer than it would be otherwise during a hurricane. You can dramatically minimize the damage done to it. You can also sleep a little easier at night knowing our hurricane clips are standing strong against even the most powerful storms.

Contact us today to learn more about our state-of-the-art Plylox™ Hurricane Clips.

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